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The real estate market on the Swiss Riviera​

The Swiss Riviera extends between Montreux and Lausanne, to the shores of Lake Geneva. It is often considered one of the most beautiful regions of Switzerland.

Montreux, a must-see town on the Riviera, has an area of ​​33.37 square km. This is one of the essential places to visit according to tourists when they are in Switzerland.

In addition to being served by many public transport such as trolleybus lines, Simplon railway lines and CGN boats, the city has historical monuments that are worth seeing. In particular, you can visit the Château de Châtelard and the Château des Crêtes in Clarens, then educate yourself by visiting the Historical Museum of Montreux and its region or the Swiss National Audiovisual Museum. You will also find Chillon Castle, the most visited historical monument in Switzerland. But above all, you can stroll along the quays of Lake Geneva.

It is one of the nicest places in the region to stretch your legs. However, remember that this is a mountain lake, and despite the constant good weather, the water may feel cold even in summer.

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Montreux, a city with many festivals

If you want to visit the region in summer, know that the jazz festival takes place in July and welcomes artists from all over the world. This is not the only festival that is set up in this town. The city of Montreux hosts many other demonstrations and public events such as the advertising festival, the Montreux Sundance festival every year in June, the Polymanga which has existed since 2014, the Freddie Celebration Day around September 5 in homage to the birthday of Freddie Mercury, former singer of the group Queen.

And if that’s not enough for you, there is still the possibility of participating in the Montreux Comedy which comes to life in December each year and presents international comedians, the “Musical September” festival which celebrates classical music or the Grand Prix Ferrari which is introduced every two years. It is a city full of culture and events that helps to energize public and civic life.

Another must-see place: the old town. Just park near the station and follow the path to go to the Temple Saint-Vincent. You will arrive at a colorful place with Mediterranean styles, full of joy and life.

Buy and rent in the Swiss Riviera

If you are interested in buying real estate in the city of Montreux, be aware that the average price per square meter is CHF 9,898 for an apartment and CHF 10,705 for a house. With regard to rentals, the average price per square meter is CHF 310 for an apartment and CHF 286 for a house.

This is quite affordable for such a touristy and unmissable city. As for the Swiss Riviera, the average price per square meter to buy an apartment is CHF 5,797 and CHF 4,404 for an apartment.

It is quite possible to invest in a property in the region: the average monthly rent for a house is CHF 1,600 while it is CHF 1,195 for an apartment. These are of course only averages, but they take into account 80% of the real estate market in the region.


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